5 Questions to Ask a Roofer Before You Hire for Roof Repair

August 15, 2018 by Freddie Charles Tags : , ,

Your roof is the crowning glory of your home. And while it’s not as fun as interior decor or your yard, it’s possibly the most important part of the structure.

It keeps out the weather and puts ‘shelter’ into your home.

Roofs made of tile, slate, and copper should last over fifty years. But things can and do go wrong, especially following extreme weather.

Read on to discover the top 5 questions to ask a roofer.

1. Is It a Replacement or a Repair Job?

This is the most important of the questions to ask when getting a roof estimate. Simply put, the estimate depends on knowing what you actually need.

A repair will take less time, may cost less, and will also be less disruptive.

Roof restoration and roof replacement are way more intensive.

Knowing which service your roof needs will help you to work out how long the work is likely to take. It’s important to carefully analyze the quote your roofer gives you, as you want to ensure that your home is receiving quality and efficient work.

2. How Much Will the Work Cost?

This is top of your list of things to ask when getting roofing quotes. But don’t just stick to the first roofer you contact.

Get at least three quotes from different roofers. They will take into consideration;

  • the materials they need,
  • how much damage needs to be repaired,
  • how easy it is to access your roof

Quality roofers who value their customers often offer a free estimate.

3. Do You Have Any Reviews?

Asking for social proof is a common part of working with contractors in the 21st century. And reputable companies will be happy to provide testimonials.

Look for reviews covering a wide period of time to show they’re consistent in their work. Experienced roofers will do a better job and will have a portfolio of work they’re proud of.

Also, pay attention to reviews for different types of work.

If you can visit previous properties, even better. You can see their work for yourself. If it’s possible, try speaking to the homeowners to get their recommendations.

4. Do You Have the Right Credentials?

But look beyond reviews on their website. Check their business license, the regulations for which vary across states.

And check for outstanding convictions. Ask if they have insurance, and find out what type they have.

Roofers should at least hold liability insurance which covers your property if they cause any damage.

It’s beneficial if they also hold worker’s compensation insurance so you don’t get sued if an employee is injured on the job.

5. What’s Included in the Contract?

Once you’ve run through these questions to ask a roofer, you need to be sure what’s included in the contract.

Check for any exclusions. And make sure everything you need to be done is covered. If it’s not, ask if you can negotiate for it to be included.

Materials used, costs, and timescales should be listed in the contract. Make sure the roofer sticks to what you’ve agreed while he does the work.

Finally, ask how long a warranty the roofer provides as part of the contract. It’s your peace of mind that if something goes wrong, the roofer will fix it for you.

Now You’re Equipped with These 5 Questions to Ask a Roofer

Your home should be your safe haven and protect your family expertly and reliably. You need a trustworthy and professional roofer to ensure your home is safe and secure from outside weather.

If you’d like a quote for your roof, get in touch. We’d be happy to answer all of these questions to ask a roofer!