Annual Roof Inspections Help Save You Money

January 8, 2014 by Freddie Charles Tags :

Many people choose to skip annual roof inspections to save money. Unfortunately this risky activity ends up costing most homeowners when they have to pay for expensive repairs or re-roofing, problems that could have been caught before they started to develop. Here are a few issues having regular roof inspections can catch before they turn into huge, expensive issues that may also damage your personal property:

1. Leaks

Roof inspections can help locate any areas of potential weakness that need to be reinforced or that may already be causing slight leaks. Some leaks are undetectable to homeowners because the water does not reach inside the home yet but, rather, pools under the surface of the roof and causes structural damage, mold and mildew.

2. Loose Or Damaged Shingles

A roof inspection will locate any damaged shingles or shingle sections that can lead to further issues. If part of your roof is compromised, problems can quickly develop and grow. Your roof is constantly exposed to harsh elements and needs to be in perfect condition. When it comes to a roof, one problem can quickly turn into many.

3. Cleaning And Debris Removal

Areas of mildew or fungus growth will be located during an inspection. Places where debris gathers will also be located so these areas can be cleaned and sealed to prevent future damage. Nothing is more harmful to a roof than allowing debris, such as damp leaves, to collect and remain on the roof or in the gutters near the roof.

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