Why Cleaning Your Roof Is Necessary

January 3, 2014 by Freddie Charles Tags :

Many people skip roof cleaning and maintenance, this can lead to many costly and inconvenient problems down the road. Don’t wait until your roof is leaky and needs to be replaced before you start taking regular, simple maintenance and cleaning seriously.

When you don’t clean your roof and allow debris such as leaves and organic materials to remain on it or in your gutters, you are encouraging roof rot. This is because debris holds moisture as it decays. The moisture and decaying leaves are in constant contact with your roof and cause the roof itself to become damp, causing it to decay as well.

Not only are these moist decaying areas bad for your roof in that they encourage roof rot; these moist areas are also perfect breeding grounds for invasive insects like as termites and ants. These insects can further damage your roof by using it for a housing, breeding and burrowing space.

By regularly cleaning your roof and gutters you will encourage a clean, dry environment inside and out and keep your roof in pristine and sound condition for years and years to come. There is nothing worse you can do for your roof than not maintaining it with regular cleanings and debris removals.

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