Getting Your Exterior Ready for Colder Temperatures in Portland

October 15, 2017 by Katie Jones Tags : , ,

When the seasons’ change and the temperature starts to drop in Portland, Oregon, it’s important to protect your home’s exterior from the chilly climate. These tips can help you get the outside of your house ready for the winter months.

Replace Weatherstripping

Cold air coming into your warm, cozy home is never appealing, but cracks and gaps around doors and windows are often to blame. Weatherstripping helps with this common problem, but many homeowners don’t realize that these sections need to be replaced often. The exposure to the cold and wet climate can break down the rubber, leading to cracks in the material that allow air to come through.

You can take a scientific approach by using a laser infrared thermal gun to find cold drafts or just stand in various areas of the house to determine where cold air is coming into the space.

Trim the Landscaping

When your trees and bushes are overgrown, the branches can get piled up with snow and ice. The heavy weight of wet snow can cause the branches to break and fall on your property or even on your house, which can cause severe damage. Overgrown landscaping may also cause power issues or crack the windows if they’re too close to the house, so before it gets too chilly, prep your yard by doing some trimming.

Check the Roof

It’s no fun to find out you have a leak in your roof during the first big storm of the winter, but this is a reality for many Portland residents. Avoid this common problem by hiring a roofing expert to examine your roof before the cold weather hits. During the inspection, a roofer can look for signs of wear and damage and recommend repair or replacement of sections of roofing. This can help reduce your risk of having a roof leak during the coldest time of the year.

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