Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Exterior Siding

July 29, 2015 by Freddie Charles Tags : , , ,

If you’re looking to pull the look of your home together, using the right exterior siding might be your best option. Now that the easy decision is over, choosing the right siding for your home takes a bit more research as there are multiple siding options and each option carrying its own costs, maintenance, and reliability. The DIY Network has compiled a list of sidings along with description, pros, cons, cost, and eco-friendliness which they refer to as the “Green Meter”.

After making your choice, exterior siding maintenance becomes the next stage that must be done consistently to extend the life of your siding as they will be exposed to daily elements and weather in Portland. Contact the professionals at Willamette Roof Cleaning as they have years of experience with cleaning and treating exterior siding in Portland.