The Importance of Roof Treatment in the Portland Area

September 19, 2019 by Freddie Charles Tags : , , ,

Your roof is vital in protecting your family from extremes in weather and temperature as well as other potential hazards. Also, your roof is a part of the ongoing structural integrity of your home. Knowing the significance your roof plays in keeping your home and family safe and the pounding it takes from the elements, like wind, rain, dirt, and debris, here in the Portland area, is essential to keep a functioning roof for years to come.

Roof Treatment in Portland

Roof treatment is crucial to your roof’s overall roof maintenance. The first step is cleaning your roof, but keeping a clean roof is key. Moss is most often the reason behind the need for roof treatment in the Portland area. Without treatment, your roof will need frequent cleanings to keep it in top condition but cleaning too often without treatment can also pose issues. The goal, after cleaning, is to keep it clean and a roof treatment can do just that.

The appropriate roof treatment will destroy any moss remnants left behind after cleaning. The truth is, no roof cleaning ensures 100 percent moss removal. Too many cleanings, often done with a pressure washer, damages roofing material during the cleaning process.

Roof treatment helps prevent moss from returning quickly. The best approach is cleaning and treatment, followed by a routine maintenance schedule to prevent future infestation. The other option is scheduling a treatment as soon as you notice the familiar moss green hue on the roof. Using one of these steps is the best strategy to keep your roof clean and functional for years to come. Plus, pre-scheduled maintenance is often the most affordable option.

Often an initial treatment is all you need to get started on keeping moss away. Periodic re-treatment is only needed when fresh new moss infestation begins and if done quickly the treatment can help you avoid additional cleanings. On the other hand, with heavy moss infestation, proper cleaning will always need to proceed with treatment to ensure the best results.

Other Roof Treatment Needs

With specialized roofing, for example, cedar shakes, your roof may need additional treatments to protect it against harmful UV rays and roof rot. To find out if your roof needs specialized treatment to avoid damage, contact an experienced professional to inspect your roof. Don’t try a D-I-Y inspection, because only a professional can make the proper assessment and help you get the roof treatment you need to prevent the expense of unwanted repairs due to neglect or improper cleaning and treatments.

Having a professional handle your roof maintenance and treatment will ensure the longevity of your roof. Remember neglecting necessary maintenance, cleaning, and treatments can result in bigger problems down the road.

Contact An Experienced Professional

Whenever your roof needs repair, maintenance, or cleaning, contact the team at Willamette Power Roofing and Roofing Cleaning for trustworthy advice, repair, maintenance, cleaning, and treatments. We’ll make sure your job – large or small – is done correctly from the start!