Understanding Gable Roofs

February 25, 2014 by Katie Jones Tags :

A Gable roof is a popular option when building a new home, although they are not the best choice for high wind areas. If you have a Gable roof and are concerned about wind damage, make sure there is adequate bracing on the end wall. A local building inspector can let you know if there is an issue.

It is easy to build a Gable roof because it resembles a triangle. It’s made up of two equal-sized surfaces pitched back to back at the same angle. A Gable roof provides good ventilation and the shape allows water to run off the roof.

There are several variations to a Gable roof, including:

  • Dutch Gable- A combination of a gable and hip roof, where internal roof space is created by placing a full or partial gable at the end of a ridge
  • Front Gable- Often used for Colonial or Cape Code homes, where the gable is placed at the home’s entrance.
  • Side Gable- An economical style, where the gable faces the sides
  • Cross Gabled roof- Often used for Cape Cod or Tudor homes, with two sections attached at a right angle that forms two perpendicular ridges.

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