Maintenance Tips for the Fall

September 12, 2016 by Katie Jones Tags : ,

There are some basic maintenance tasks every homeowner should do before winter hits. This makes your home more organized, less prone to damage, and a safer place to live in. Here are a few common maintenance tips:

  • Gutters: To prevent gutters from being overloaded and potentially crack, ensure that you clean them out several times throughout the autumn as the leaves fall. It’s easier to have the gutters cleaned than to repair a broken gutter – or even worse falling off the house and breaking a window.
  • Clean the AC system: To prevent a big drop in efficiency levels for your AC system, clean it regularly. Also, changing or cleaning the filters, improve the air quality in your home.
  • Winter-proof sprinkler system: If your sprinkler system is no yet winter ready, then do so before the cold weather arrives. Either remove water from the sprinkler system or have it insulated to prevent cracking of the pipes.
  • Check energy efficiency of your front door: Many homes lose a significant amount of heat via the front door. If your front door energy efficiency levels are low, consider sealing the weak points or upgrade the entire door and frame.

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