How to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

August 15, 2016 by Freddie Charles Tags : ,

There are a number of things you can do to ensure your home is well prepared for the summer season. There are a number of things that can ruin your summer if you aren’t prepared, like improper ventilation, high attic temperatures, and moisture build-up. To avoid any summer surprises, here is a list that’s worth paying attention to:

  • Exhaust fans: For efficient ventilation, all exhaust fans must be functioning properly. So check them to make sure there are no maintenance issues.
  • Gutters: All drains and gutters should be cleaned so the chances of blockages are minimized. A blockage could lead to an overflow when a storm takes place. Summertime can equal just as much rain as it does sun, so checking your gutters is very beneficial.
  • Check the attic: Ensure the attic fan is working, that there are no signs of mold, and the temperature is optimal. In addition, it’s worth keeping an eye out for pests in the attic.
  • Repair roof: If there are roof shingles that are loose, you should make sure they are repaired. They might be blown off the roof during a storm if left unrepaired, which can lead to a much bigger problem like home flooding.
  • Air conditioning filters: The A/C filters need to be cleaned periodically. A buildup of dirt reduces the efficiency and increases the load on the system.

Each of these are great tips for having the best summer – without any surprise catastrophes. Check out our website for a list of our services and how we can help you have a safer summer!