Prepare Your Home For the Winter Weather

November 11, 2014 by Katie Jones Tags : , ,

We are still in the midst of autumn in Portland but winter is just around the corner. The temperature has been predicted to fall into the teens later this week and Central Oregon will get acquainted early with the winter weather as snow is expected. Now is the perfect time to take care of any little issues around the house before the full brunt of winter is felt in Portland.

Prepare Your Home For Winter

Before it gets really cold and snow is almost guaranteed, you should take some time to ready your Portland home for the winter so you don’t have a more serious issue down the road.

  • One of the first things that should be inspected is your home’s furnace because getting stuck with no heat during the winter is less than desirable (to say the least). Check the furnace filter and make sure it is clean so that your home is heated properly and efficiently.
  • Make sure the vents in your home are closed, inspect your chimney, and cover pipe spigots to prevent breakage from possible freezing. Turn off all outdoor water water faucets as well.
  • Inspect your roof. Or better yet, let a professional inspect your roof for you to make sure it is free of debris and that your gutters are free of leaves. Gutters full of frozen leaves and debris can cause serious damage from the excess weight.

Source: KGW Portland

Roof Inspections & Repair In Portland

We specialize in professional roof repair and roof restorations in Portland. We will perform a thorough inspection on the roof of your home to make sure it is ready for the winter. At Willamette Power Roofing, we also offer driveway and walkway cleaning, wood deck cleaning and restoration, and siding cleaning and treatment. Contact us for more information.