Roof Maintenance

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Roof MaintenanceThree Signs Your Roof Needs Maintenance

Pipe Flashing Seals

Nearly every type of residential home has pipe flashings, which prevent water from entering your home where there’s a joint. However, these pipe flashings are one of the most common sources of roof leakage, and their rubber seals must be inspected every 3 to 5 years to ensure they’re in top condition.

Missing or Broken Shingles

Another obvious sign that your roof needs maintenance is if there are missing or broken shingles. This is the result of several aspects, but most commonly, your shingles have reached their life expectancy or excessive heat has caused the nails to become exposed or to pop out of place.

Debris on the Roof or Gutters

One of the biggest causes of roof maintenance is the gutters. These are the only portions of your home that allow water to drain freely. If there’s a clog in the gutter from debris or the granulated portions of the singles, this can cause water to become trapped, causing harm to the wood portions of your roof, the fascia of your home, and the soffits. In addition, debris that’s on your roof can act as a dam, trapping water and becoming a cause for concern.

The Importance of Roof Treatment in the Portland Area

Your roof is vital in protecting your family from extremes in weather and temperature as well as other potential hazards. Also, your roof is a part of the ongoing structural integrity of your home. Knowing the significance your roof plays in keeping your home and family safe and the pounding it takes from the elements, like wind, rain, dirt, and debris, here in the Portland area, is essential to keep a functioning roof for years to come.

Roof Treatment in Portland

Roof treatment is crucial to your roof’s overall roof maintenance. The first step is cleaning your roof, but keeping a clean roof is key. Moss is most often the reason behind the need for roof treatment in the Portland area. Without treatment, your roof will need frequent cleanings to keep it in top condition but cleaning too often without treatment can also pose issues. The goal, after cleaning, is to keep it clean and a roof treatment can do just that.

The appropriate roof treatment will destroy any moss remnants left behind after cleaning. The truth is, no roof cleaning ensures 100 percent moss removal. Too many cleanings, often done with a pressure washer, damages roofing material during the cleaning process.

Roof treatment helps prevent moss from returning quickly. The best approach is cleaning and treatment, followed by a routine maintenance schedule to prevent future infestation. The other option is scheduling a treatment as soon as you notice the familiar moss green hue on the roof. Using one of these steps is the best strategy to keep your roof clean and functional for years to come. Plus, pre-scheduled maintenance is often the most affordable option.

Often an initial treatment is all you need to get started on keeping moss away. Periodic re-treatment is only needed when fresh new moss infestation begins and if done quickly the treatment can help you avoid additional cleanings. On the other hand, with heavy moss infestation, proper cleaning will always need to proceed with treatment to ensure the best results.

Other Roof Treatment Needs

With specialized roofing, for example, cedar shakes, your roof may need additional treatments to protect it against harmful UV rays and roof rot. To find out if your roof needs specialized treatment to avoid damage, contact an experienced professional to inspect your roof. Don’t try a D-I-Y inspection, because only a professional can make the proper assessment and help you get the roof treatment you need to prevent the expense of unwanted repairs due to neglect or improper cleaning and treatments.

Having a professional handle your roof maintenance and treatment will ensure the longevity of your roof. Remember neglecting necessary maintenance, cleaning, and treatments can result in bigger problems down the road.

Roof Maintenance

4 Reasons To Get Regular Roof Treatment In Portland For Your Home Or Business

1. The Elements

As far as business plans goes, there are few more brilliant than getting into the roof treatment business in Portland, Oregon. Because of Oregon’s ever-changing climate, there’s always an element that’s wreaking havoc on roofs everywhere, whether it’s the sun, rain, wind or snow.

You should arrange for a free evaluation of your roof as soon as you can because it’s impossible to simply guess just when your home might need cleaning and treatment.

2. Moss And Mold

Excessive rain can damage your roof and provides the perfect environment for mold, mildew and fungus to grow. If we find any of these culprits on your roof, we will remove them and treat the wood with a rain deterrent, which will make it more water-repellant for the future.

3. Sun Damage

The sun can cause a significant amount of damage to your roof over time, which is why we have an environmentally safe treatment that will help protect against further UV damage.

4. Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Even if your roof doesn’t currently have any significant damage, the elements can ruin a perfectly sound structure in as little as three years. By performing regular roof treatments and cleanings, you will be extending the life of your home’s roof for years to come. 

How Annual Roof Inspections Help Save You Money

1. Leaks

Roof inspections can help locate any areas of potential weakness that need to be reinforced or that may already be causing slight leaks. Some leaks are undetectable to homeowners because the water does not reach inside the home yet but, rather, pools under the surface of the roof and causes structural damage, mold and mildew.

2. Loose Or Damaged Shingles

A roof inspection will locate any damaged shingles or shingle sections that can lead to further issues. If part of your roof is compromised, problems can quickly develop and grow. Your roof is constantly exposed to harsh elements and needs to be in perfect condition. When it comes to a roof, one problem can quickly turn into many.

3. Cleaning And Debris Removal

Areas of mildew or fungus growth will be located during an inspection. Places where debris gathers will also be located so these areas can be cleaned and sealed to prevent future damage. Nothing is more harmful to a roof than allowing debris, such as damp leaves, to collect and remain on the roof or in the gutters near the roof.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Roof Maintenance

Do Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly

You shouldn’t attempt to run an inspection on your own, but rather have an in-depth inspection performed by a professional roofing contractor. While you can see obvious signs of wear and damage, there may be areas that you could miss regarding the state of your roof. A professional inspection by a residential roofing contractor will uncover hidden damages and offer insight into the needed maintenance and repairs to keep your roof at its best.

Don’t Walk on Your Roof

Whenever you have roof repairs or replacement professionally done, you’ve likely noted the specialty equipment used by the roofers to help navigate the roof and remain safe. If you walk on the roof looking for signs of wear and tear, underlying structural damage could result in a further loss and even injury in the event of hidden damages.

Do Properly Handle Minor Repairs and Maintenance

Even minor repairs and maintenance are often better left to the professionals. Keeping tree limbs and branches trimmed will help ensure the longevity of your roof. Branches too close to the roof can cause damage on windy days and may break, falling on the roof and harming the shingles. Leaves and stems can leave dirt and debris and may clog gutters as well. Small leaks can also call the need for professional repairs. Keep in mind, a small leak, if not repaired properly can turn into a bigger problem.

Don’t Perform Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Repairs

When you know there is damage to your roof, don’t attempt to make the repairs yourself. As already mentioned, attempts at DIY repairs can result in further damage or injury.

Instead, contact a licensed professional roofing contractor to get the repairs done correctly. Remember the professionals have the training and experience to repair your roof while not causing further damage or voiding your warranty.

Willamette Power Roofing and Roof Cleaning offers a range of services that can handle all your repairs.

Do Inspect the Insulation and Other Important Roofing Components

Again, your trusted licensed roofing contractor should be able to get the job done for you quickly and easily. Ensuring proper insulation is in place means proper ventilation and energy efficiency in your home. The roof flashing should also be checked as it is prone to water damage by deflecting all the water away from vulnerable areas. Making sure all your roofing components are functioning well will extend the life of your roof.

Roof Maintenance

Why Cleaning Your Roof Is Necessary

When you don’t clean your roof and allow debris such as leaves and organic materials to remain on it or in your gutters, you are encouraging roof rot. This is because debris holds moisture as it decays. The moisture and decaying leaves are in constant contact with your roof and cause the roof itself to become damp, causing it to decay as well.

Not only are these moist decaying areas bad for your roof in that they encourage roof rot; these moist areas are also perfect breeding grounds for invasive insects like as termites and ants. These insects can further damage your roof by using it for a housing, breeding and burrowing space.

By regularly cleaning your roof and gutters you will encourage a clean, dry environment inside and out and keep your roof in pristine and sound condition for years and years to come. There is nothing worse you can do for your roof than not maintaining it with regular cleanings and debris removals.

Contact An Experienced Professional 

Whenever your roof needs repair, maintenance, or cleaning, contact the team at Willamette Power Roofing and Roofing Cleaning for trustworthy advice, repair, maintenance, cleaning, and treatments. We’ll make sure your job – large or small – is done correctly from the start!