Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

October 29, 2015 by Freddie Charles Tags : ,


As the winter months quickly approach us, it is important to make sure your home is prepared for the cold weather. When is the last time you had your roof checked out? Be prepared and ready to combat the winter months ahead:

1. Begin by visually scanning your roof for any sagging or uneven areas. If you see an area that appears to be uneven, this may mean there is damage to the roof deck below the shingles.

2. Inspect your gutter systems to check that they are not clogged with branches, leaves or any other debris. This is very important to ensure that rain water and snow have a way to get off of the roof. If the water or snow is left on the roof without a properly working gutter system, it may cause leaking or ice damming.

3. Make sure that your gutters are fastened properly and are secure enough so they do not cause overflow or build-up. If these are not properly secured, it can cause a leak which can not only damage your roof, but your interior walls as well.

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