Roofing Tips to Keep in Mind

April 29, 2016 by Freddie Charles Tags :

It is important to take roofing situations very seriously and ensure you are taking the proper precautions before handling your roofing needs. Below are some important roofing tips to keep in mind:

Safety, Safety, Safety!

Safety should always be the FIRST thing on your mind when handling your roofing needs. If you are inexperienced on a roof, it may be a good idea to allow the professionals to take a look at it instead. If you do choose to take a look at your roof, always make sure you have someone spotting you below.

Safety Precautions are a Must:

Being on a roof will put your body in positions that may be uncomfortable and even unsafe. Make sure you are wearing shoes with rubber soles to prevent from slipping and always wear a harness and work on a buddy system.

Roof Leak Tips:

Spray the Roof:

If you are experiencing a leak, take a hose and begin to spray the roof in different locations to try and spot the leak.

Keeping Gutters Clean:

Did you know one of the most common areas for roof leaks are clogged gutters? Be sure to keep your gutters clean and rid of any buildup.

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