Why Tesla’s Solar Roofing Panels and Home Battery System are Revolutionary

November 28, 2016 by Katie Jones Tags : ,

Tesla showed off its new roofing panel that pays attention to the visual athletics as much as the practicality of having a power generating roofing panel. The upfront costs will be relatively high to have this technology installed for the average homeowner, but when you consider the fact that you can potentially sell power back to the grid it’s a no-brainer.

Tesla is hoping to make use of the “halo effect” to kick start the home energy branch of their business. The halo effect occurs when consumers buy several products from the same company. For instance, those that own an iPhone might also buy a Mac. So if a customer owns a Tesla vehicle, perhaps they will also invest in some Tesla solar panels.

This technology combined with a home based battery will set up a new ecosystem within the home. The unveiling of Tesla’s new products is not an incremental step in the right direction, but a giant leap. Perhaps it will revolutionize the way energy for the average homeowner is acquired, stored, and used.