Upgrading The Exterior Of Your Home Using Green Methods

June 11, 2016 by Freddie Charles Tags : ,

When we speak about energy saving solutions the discussion should not be limited to appliances such as the dishwasher and the washing machine. There are plenty of alterations or upgrades that can be made to the outside of your home to improve energy efficiency. Those of you interested in an eco-friendly home should consider the following solutions:

  • Cool Roof: A roof that reduces the transfer of heat into your home means you’ll have to spend less on the air conditioning. Some metal roofs have reflective properties that can reduce the amount of heat that transfers into your home by as much as 40%. Other options include reclaimed slate and clay tile – both options can also add to the aesthetics of your home.
  • Entrance Doors: When opting for a grand entrance to your home consider the practical features such as how well they insulate. The R-value of a door is the measure of thermal resistance and something that must be considered upon purchase. Fiberglass doors are a great option because they are energy efficient and can provide that natural wood looking door most homeowners love.
  • Siding: A great way to add a layer of insulation to your home is to opt for siding that’s made out of fiberglass. Options nowadays can add to the architecture and provide durability to the outside of your home.