Tile can be made of either clay or concrete and are ideal for Mediterranean, European and some ranch-style homes.  To install clay tiles they are usually additional roof framing that is need to safely handle the weight of the tiles. They are very durable, non-combustible and can reflect over 50% of the sun’s rays, which will create better insulation. Concrete tiles provide greater protection to a home as they are very versatile; they also come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures and have the ability to no look like tiles at all.


  1. For clay tiles, mined clay is either shaped, glazed or painted, then baked.
  2. For concrete tiles, sand and crushed rock are mixed with concrete. It is then tinted, then poured into molds.


  • If proper underlayment is installed, tile roofs can last a lifetime.


  • Offers a wide variety of looks
  • Will not attract insects or rot
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Great insulation for an attic


  • Very Expensive
  • If roofing work needs to be done, some types of tile can crack under body weight.
  • Very heavy, and may strain current building support.