Wood Deck Restoration

Patio cleaningWood decks and patios offer a way to take in the beautiful scenery in Portland close to your home. A deck can be a space used for parties, cooking, stargazing, and a variety of other activities. Wood is very beautiful but easily damaged and it is very susceptible to the elements of nature. The long periods of rainfall in Portland and the sun’s ultraviolet rays in combination with the accumulation of mold, fungus, and can severely degrade a deck over time. Proper maintenance, cleaning, and treatment are necessary in order to ensure a long lasting wood deck. Poorly maintained decks will suffer from wood rot and require a complete restoration after a few years in order to bring back the beauty in the wood.

The Process

One of our representatives will come out to your Portland home and provide you with a free estimate after evaluating the condition of your wood deck. We will then begin to clean and strip the wood using chemicals that are effective but not harmful to the wood. Once the deck is fully cleaned, we will prepare the deck for treatment by sanding the wood down to make sure the surface is fully smooth and ready for application. Staining and sealing the deck is the very last step and it ensures that the wood in your deck shines beautifully for years to come. The sealing process is the most important step as it is what ultimately protects the wood from weather damage, rot, the sun, and fungus growth.

Many people in Portland do not make use of their wood decks simply due to the poor condition it is in. If your deck or patio is in need of a restoration then contact us. At Willamette Power Roofing, we can completely restore your deck and return the looks to its former glory so you can utilize all of the outdoor space surrounding your home.